Five-Fold Path

What is the Five-Fold Path?

The Five-Fold Path are five tenets that guide our pedagogy and praxis: balance, community, culture, mentorship, and scholarship. We created them by using contemplative practices (e.g., storytelling) and creative methods of community action research (e.g., parking lots) to gather information from students, and to address their responses to the question asking what they need to be personally and professionally successful during and after graduate school. By focusing on these five tenets The Center offers students, faculty and staff a reflective and supportive experience that allows them to create communities of scholars worldwide. Take a moment to reflect on the five-fold path. It's also designed to assist you to reflect and to determine what you need to align with your research, life goals, personal, and professional goals.

The Five-Fold Path emphasizes that trust, reciprocity of learning, shared responsibilities, and personal growth are fundamental to mentoring. According to Lois Zachary, " mentoring is best described as a reciprocal and collabrative learning relationship between two (or more) individuals who share mutal responsibility and accountability for helping a mentee work toward the achievement of clear and mutually defined learning goals" (Zachary 2005, p.3).

A visual representation of The GMC's combination of the five tenets and contemplative practice framework.    (The Graduate Mentoring Center, 2017)