Who We Are

About Us

The Graduate Mentoring Center (The GMC) provides mentoring services, consultations, and programs for graduate students, faculty, and staff, with an emphasis on underrepresented minority students. The GMC co-sponsors these events with an array of university partners to provide the tools and resources necessary for success before, during, and after the graduate school journey. To learn more about us, please read the center’s statement on recent and ongoing social justice issues that are impacting all of us.

To provide graduate students informal and formal mentorship through programs that support their successful degree completion and entry into the professoriate and/or other professions. 

To develop and help graduate an intentional community of scholars who are diverse, committed to social justice and equity, and who consistently produce innovative research and creative works that have viable and sustainable impact on their communities. 


Current Staff

Maria E. Hamilton Abegunde, PhD


Research Areas: The role and impact of personal narratives on mentoring relationships, the Middle Passage, links between unresolved ancestral memory and emotion on contemporary violence; community healing, and the arts as a vehicle for social change and social justice.    

Graduate Assistant, Operations

Jennifer Park


Interests/ Concentrations: International students, mentoring, career development, leadership training, technology integration